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A Heartfelt Thanks to Colonial Needle: Supporting the Art of Colcha Embroidery

Updated: Feb 14

We at HEART of Saguache want to express our gratitude for the generous donation of premium quality yarn and needles by the Colonial Needle Company to HEART’s San Luis Valley Colcha Embroidery Project. 

Since its establishment in 1925, the Colonial Needle Company has become a cornerstone in the needlecraft industry, offering a vast array of top-quality needles, notions, threads, and needlepoint products. Originating from the Brabant Needle Company founded in 1888, Colonial Needle has expanded its offerings to include a comprehensive range of needlecraft supplies and educational resources, cementing its commitment to quality, innovation, and fostering a community of needlework enthusiasts.

We are especially thankful to receive this shipment of yarn and needles just before our free colcha embroidery workshop in San Luis this week. Thank you to Donna Madrid Hernandez and Aurora Martinez for their help in preparing the yarn for the workshop. 

The San Luis Valley Colcha Embroidery Project, a collaboration between HEART of Saguache and The Range in Saguache, Colorado, fosters the traditional art of colcha embroidery through exhibitions, workshops, and support for artists, enhancing a cultural dialogue that spans Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico.

We also want to thank Florilegium online store—where you can purchase the Colonial 3-ply persian yarn for colcha embroidery—for working with us on bulk discount for materials. Special thanks to the AJL Foundation, the Rawlings Foundation, and the Saguache County Sales Tax Grant for supporting the San Luis Valley Colcha Embroidery Project.

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