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HEART of Saguache works with partners in Saguache County, across the San Luis Valley, and Colorado State wide

to support initiatives that align with

health equity goals for our communities.  


HEART of Saguache partners with Move Mountains, Antonito Together, The Colorado Health Foundation, Shooting Stars Culture and Leadership Center in Alamosa, and Transformative Alliances to support a youth-led convening for healing in the San Luis Valley, cultivating resilience in the face of historical trauma and racism, while building problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, and a Valley-wide culture of belonging.


HEART of Saguache partners with The Range in Saguache, The San Luis Valley American Indian Center in Center, Sisters of Color United for Education, the Town of Saguache, and Saguache County to provide Arts and Culture programming and resources in the San Luis Valley. 


HEART of Saguache is partnering with Saguache County Commissioner Lynne Thompson, Saguache County Public Health, Saguache County Department of Social Services, and Saguache County Administration to address the lack of childcare in Saguache County. The goal of this initiative is to identify and organize resources to implement sustainable childcare services for children from birth through age 12.

KV Estates
Food Access

HEART of Saguache is partnering with the KV Estates HOA and residents, CHFA, and La Puente on food access for KV residents. The KV Estates is a residential community 20 miles north of Saguache. This initiative is designed to provide the KV with a green house, a food pantry, and a commercial kitchen.

The Family Leadership Training Institute

HEART of Saguache introduced the well respected Family Leadership Training Institute into the San Luis Valley. This free 20 week program builds strength and leadership. Each graduate completes a community project and leaves with a greater ability to stand up, speak out, and create positive change in their community.


We recognize that family leadership emerges when family and community leaders gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in leadership roles. We see the Family Leadership Training Institute as a part of pathway to a cohesive and engaged community and improving health inequities in our schools and communities.

FLTI family leaders are empowered with leadership skills to encourage civic engagement by building confidence, build networks of diverse groups of individuals, work on the collective well-being of the community, and advocate for programs and policies that improve health equity and quality of life.

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