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Empowering our Community
for a Brighter Future.

This month marks the beginning of Convening, the HEART of Saguache’s Health Equity Youth Alliance's (HEYA) pilot program, focusing on a Valley-wide project designed and led by youth. These young leaders are set to tackle critical issues they have identified within their communities, ensuring their voices and perspectives drive meaningful change.

Special thanks to Transformative Alliances for their expert facilitation and to our dedicated adult mentors for their unwavering support. Together, we are empowering the next generation to create a healthier, more equitable future for all.

On Sunday, June 2nd, the San Luis Valley Colcha Embroidery project hosted a free workshop at the Saguache County Museum. The workshop was at capacity, with most attendees being residents of Saguache County. Participants delved into the history of colcha embroidery in the San Luis Valley, learned the traditional colcha stitch, and examined artwork examples and a library of publications on the topic. Afterwards, everyone picnicked in the front of the museum. 

A heartfelt thanks goes to our dedicated instructors from San Luis and Monte Vista, who traveled to Saguache to lead the workshop: Maria Eufemia Barela, Donna Madrid Hernandez, Aurora Martinez, and Julia Mondragon. Special thanks to our local colcha embroidery experts Patsy Garcia and Delores Worley, who provided invaluable assistance. Patsy and Delores were part of the original La Costura de Saguache group of stitchers in the 1970s. Lastly, thank you to the Saguache County Museum for hosting the event.

This event was made possible through a partnership between the HEART of Saguache, The Range, the Saguache County Museum, and the Colorado Creative Industries’ Folk and Traditional Arts Project Grant. We look forward to continuing the workshops and supporting a stitching group for Saguache.

A successful Museum Opening Day celebration...Thank you to Christan Archuleta for representing HEART of Saguache in the Parade. Congratulations to Ramblin' Roy for best in show at the parade. HEART served burgers in the park as a fundraiser for the Saguache County Museum and organized vendors. Thank you Adam and Rick Sandoval, Tasha Pino, Tom Mascarenas, and Shawn Vigil for their help with food service, and Carla Quintana with help setting up vendors. Special thanks to the Pharoahs Car Club for celebrating in Saguache with us.

photo credit: Lori Lujan

photo credit: Lori Lujan

photo credit: Michael Pacheco

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