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Somos Agua at The Range in Saguache

Join HEART of Saguache from July 21 to July 30, 2023 at The Range in Saguache for a presentation of Somos Agua, an intergenerational, intercommunity large scale silk painting project.

Somos Agua started in 2017 to honor the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. Belinda Garcia, artist and organizer, initiated Somos Agua as a silk painting mural to educate communities on the importance of clean water. The first mural was completed at The Range art space in Saguache, Colorado by students and adults from Center, Crestone, and Saguache. The project took place in partnership with The Range, Sisters of Color United for Education, and HEART of Saguache, with support from Jacquard.

In the years 2018 through 2022, murals were created in Jefferson County, Sheridan, and Westwood, Denver. Participants included Jeffco Indian Education, the International Indigenous Youth Council, and residents from Brighton County, Denver County, and Jefferson County. Each mural was created in conjunction with workshops that focused on water, water protection, health equity, and advocacy. Art techniques including drawing, watercolor, silk painting, collaborative design, and creative expression were taught. Participating artists were from 4 to 84 years of age.

Somos Agua has produced documentaries of artists that worked on the murals with support from the Department of Anthropology at University of Colorado, Denver. These interviews can be viewed at

111 artists have participated in Somos Agua including Alicia Abeyta, Jody Abeyta, Ivana Acosta Gonazlez, Juan Carlos Acosta Gonzalez, Rodrigo Acosta Gonzalez, Breanne Arandondo, Maria Arias, Paola Arias, Maori Baca, Charmaine Barros, Michael Benavidez, Mary Benavidez, Valeria Burciaga, Vanessa Burciaga, Juan Callos, Angel Casanova, Patricia Cassio, Cintya Graciela Cereceres, Wendy Chavez, Alicia Chavez-Arteaga, Adrienna Corrales Lujan, Alex DeCarli, Gina DeHerrera, Weip de Vries, Irma Diaz Quiroz, Fernando Jose Espin Navarete Ayala, Yazid Estrada, Yesenia Estrada, Marilyn Fenton, Wazhinguda Eli Florine, Adrienne Garbini, Antonia Garcia, Belinda Garcia, Brenda Lee Garcia, Jessica Garrison, Belem Gonzalez, Miriam Gonzalez, Maria Heredia Cruz, Micala Ironshell Dominguez, Simon Johnson, Rachel Knapp, Jane Kwan, Ema Lara, Michelle Loddy, Uma Long, Yvonne Loop, Lorraine Lopez, Tomas Lopez, Uncle Louie, Troy Lucero, Kristina Maldonado Bad Hand, Alicia Mancha, Adrian Martinez, Eduardo Martinez, Lucia Martinez, Jose Angel Martinez, Phil Martinez, Lucia Martinez, Sofia Martinez, Drew McNulty, Raylnn Mora, Maria Montelongo, Dolores Mosqueda, Maria Arias Mosqueda, Paola Margarita Arias Mosqueda, Jezlil Munguia, Laura Naranjo, Shonnell Norris, Liam Off, Eric Ontiveros, Mateo Ontiveros, Micheal Pacheco, Nimani Padilla, Erica Padilla Saiz, Huitzilcuucatzin Padilla Saiz, Muti Padilla Saiz, Xochihuitzillin Padilla Saiz, Angel Ramos, Pamela Redfeather, Euda Tameika Robinson, Uda Robinson, Maria del Rodriguez, Andrea Rodriguez, Angela Rodriguez, Dimas Rodriguez, Camila Rodriguez, Maria Elsa Rodriguez, Rolando Rodriguez, Andrea Ruiz, Divas Ruiz, Leroy Saiz, Honey Sandoval, Mercy Sandoval, Ariel Sarabia, Desirae Sarabia, Devona Sarabia, Justice Smith, Chico Stange, Daniel Stange, Jennifer Thompson, Erasto Torres, Rosa Torres, Yoselin Torres, Alexandria Troquet, Stuart Valley, Laurie Vigil, Itzia Villalobos, Maritza Villalobos, Mia-luz Villalobos, Rudy Villalobos, and Tahi Athalia Villalobos.

This Somos Agua presentation is organized in partnership with HEART of Saguache (, San Luis Valley American Indian Center (a SLV AHEC project,, The Range (, Sisters of Color United for Education (, Gold Crown Clubhouse, LifeSpan Local, Sheridan Schools, Sheridan Library, the Anthropology Department at University of Colorado, Denver, and Manuko’s Creative Communications. Funding for this program is provided through a Saguache County Sales Tax Grant.

The Range is located at 307 4th Street in Saguache. The opening of Somos Agua will correspond to Lucha Martínez de Luna’s presentation on Chicano/a/x Murals of Colorado at 4pm on July 21, 2023. There will be a closed reception on July 29 from 10am to 7pm during the Saguache Art and Hollyhock Festival. Ring the bell or call 646-734-1373 to visit the exhibition outside of these hours.

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