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San Luis Summit: HEYA meets with Nonprofits to Advance Health Equity

On Sunday, February 25th, the Health Equity Youth Alliance (HEYA) met with leaders of nonprofit organizations in San Luis to delve deeper into work being done in the Valley. The gathering was aimed at exploring the initiatives of Move Mountains, San Luis Cemeteries, and the San Luis Valley Boys and Girls Club, providing HEYA participants with a comprehensive understanding of the various efforts made by these organizations to serve their community. This educational endeavor was part of HEYA’s broader goal to promote health equity and empower youth by connecting them to the mechanisms and challenges of nonprofit work in their area.

The success of this meeting was largely attributed to the contributions of Shirley Romero Ortega, Charlie Jaquez, and Aaron Miltenberger, whose insights and experiences were invaluable to the attendees. The alliance extends its gratitude to these leaders for their openness and the role they play in work for a healthier, more equitable future.

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