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Community Crafts: The Colcha Embroidery Workshop in Antonito, Colorado

On April 26 and May 3, the Antonito Senior Center hosted a highly successful Colcha Embroidery workshop, sponsored by HEART of Saguache, in partnership with Antonito Together. The event attracted participants from as far away as Denver. Julia Mondragon, Donna Madrid Hernandez, Connie Mamich Morrell, Maria Eufemia Barela, Aurora Martinez, Tracy Gonzales, Sandy Dolak, Adrienne Garbini, and Trent Segura shared their knowledge and skills, guiding participants through the colcha stitch and its applications.

The workshops not only provided hands-on instruction in this unique embroidery tradition but also fostered a deeper connection among participants to San Luis Valley heritage. The overwhelming turnout and enthusiastic engagement underscored the community's commitment to preserving traditional crafts. Thanks to all who attended and contributed to the celebration of this important cultural art form, ensuring its continuance for future generations.

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