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A Sharing Christmas Thank You

HEART of Saguache wants to thank all the donors and volunteers who helped make the Saguache Sharing Christmas Collaboration possible. We’d like to give a special thank you to some businesses and organizations who showed special generosity. Aventa Foundation made a significant financial contribution with a $3,500.00 grant which made a huge difference to the food budget. Thank you to the Town of Saguache who showed hospitality by allowing the use of the Community Building for the collection of food and the packing of boxes which simplified the entire process. Thank you Christina Wilson and Jeremiah Jenkins with Saguache County Social Services for partnering and providing food for the holiday meal’s and Jeremiah Jenkins for ordering, delivering, and distributing food. Thank you Saguache Town Market for ordering all the food we needed in order to make this possible and thank you to Doug and Tawnya for providing their personal freezer as storage for food. Thank you Mountain King Potatoes out of Center for donating 150 bags of potatoes. Thank you Saguache Fire Department for helping with the distribution of food boxes. From the HEART team for caring and supporting our community! Iris and Eddie Garcia as Garmy Distribution have provided continued support for the Saguache Sharing Christmas Collaboration. The annual donation of rolls we receive from them every year is such a tremendous help. Thank you Patte Smith with Moffat Schools, Susan Banning with Center Schools, and Moutain Valley School for providing gifts to MVS Students through their Giving Tree Program. The HEART team and the community as a whole are extremely grateful for their contributions.

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